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Actions archive:

+ Farmworker Freedom March

+ Walk for Farmworker Justice
+ Aramark call-in
+ Fall semester of action
+ 'Food Inc.' Chipocricy
+ DwD campaign launch
+ Semester-end DwD action
+ Gov. action in Tallahassee

+ Northeast tour

+ Subway/Chipotle actions
+ Chipocrisy tour
+ SFA & USAS at Chipotle HQ
+ petition delivery

+ action at Chipotle HQ
+ 2008 slwoa
+ SFA & USAS vs. BK

+ march on BK headquarters
+ kingdoom days of action
+ minitour solidarity actions
+ encuentro action @ BK hq
+ lawrence, ks march
+ hollywood, fl action
+ miami summer actions
+ bk days of action
+ mcdonald's truth tour
+ midwest encuentro

+ mcdonald's truth tour

+ week of action
+ encuentro
+ mcdonald's mini-tour
+ days of action

+ taco bell truth tour
+ encuentro
+ abundant life mini-tour

+ taco bell truth tour
+ student hunger strikes
+ northwest mini-tour

+ 10-day hunger strike
+ texas-sized mini-tour
+ root cause march

+ taco bell truth tour
+ northeast mini-tour

+ may day of action

Ideas for Action

Bring the movement for fair food to your community!

On this page you'll find some time-honored action ideas that you could use in your local fair food campaign.

Manager Letter

The next time you visit your local grocery store, take one of the following letters and drop it off with the manager(s) on duty. Express to them your hope that their company will work with the CIW to end exploitation and modern-day slavery in the fields and that they deliver that message to their higher-ups. Manager Letter "drops" go perfect with creative actions outside stores.

Downloadable letters:

Stop & Shop

If none of those supermarkets are in your area, download the general manager letter, appropriate for any store in the country (including Walmart).

Visit our supermarket campaign headquarters to see a map indicating which of these corporations operate supermarkets in your area.

Creative protests & rallies


Organize a creative, nonviolent, eye-catching action to raise public awareness and pressure the supermarkets to come to the table with the CIW.

Download flyers to distribute to passers-by here and check out some action organizing tips here. Contact us for more ideas and help. You can also consult the archive in the left sidebar for some more great action and visual ideas.



Send postcards to the corporate headquarters of Publix, Kroger, and Ahold USA. To request a stack of pre-addressed postcards for yourself, your organization, family and friends, please contact us.

Please include your mailing address, which corporation you would like to contact, and how many postcards you would like.

Film screenings & educational events

One of the CIW's mottoes is "Consciousness + Commitment = Change." You can help create consciousness in your community about the conditions in the fields and the important changes being created by the CIW's Campaign for Fair Food by screening a DVD about the struggle.

Please contact us to receive a free DVD and other organizing/educational materials including articles, postcards, stickers, buttons and more.

Stay connected

Sign up for action alerts
and updates from SFA:

Local Fair Food Committees

At both the local and national levels, student, youth, religious, labor, sustainable food and grassroots organizations are coming together to build broad-based alliances in partnership with the CIW.

Click here for local contacts and check out the Alliance for Fair Food, Interfaith Action, and Just Harvest USA, plus these examples of committees in action:

Farmworker Freedom March (2010)
photos by jj tiziou


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