Alex Schelle

Alex Schelle (19) grew up in Orlando, first hearing about the incredible work of the CIW through the Presbyterian Church. Once in high school, she began organizing various Publix (and later Wendy’s) actions with fellow students, and in 2012 had the life-changing opportunity of living in Immokalee as an SFA intern (…for a few weeks. But still!) Ever since then, Alex has been inspired and touched to be a part of this unstoppable movement. She has participated in various Encuentros as well as the mind-blowingly beautiful march to Publix headquarters in 2013. She picked up some Spanish after a year in Paraguay and continues to organize at the New College of Florida with Students Targeting Oppressive Powers. Alex enjoys yoga and gazing at pictures of Ralph Macchio. She is humbled and beyond excited for this next year on the SC!