Aylen Mercado

Aylen Mercado (17) is a lover of people, travel, and her activist Yorkie-Poo pup, Major. She calls the planet her home though she’s technically only lived in Argentina, Miami, and Memphis. Currently a senior in high school, Aylen is unsure where she will move to next in August of 2015 but is certain to continue her collaborative work across social justice movements. She is inspired by her parents and older sister, all passionate grassroots community organizers in immigrant rights as well as workers’ and labor rights. She first became involved with SFA and CIW at the March for Rights, Respect & Fair Food in 2013 and has since then attended the 2013 and 2014 Encuentros in Immokalee. Using her art and photography to also highlight local social justice movements such as transit justice, Aylen enjoys occasionally acquiring useless talents like juggling and unicycling, though not simultaneously, and is fired up to be in the Steering Committee.