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CIW/SFA selected bibliography

Below is a selected bibliography of books, articles, theses and other resources about the CIW, SFA, farmworker history and related topics. We provide these resources to help facilitate research, to help allies continue the process of developing collective analysis and to inspire further reflection on these topics and beyond.

Email us to suggest additions!

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Yen Liu, Yvonne and Dominique Apollon, Ph.D. "The Color of Food." Applied Research Center, 2011.

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A note on research (and related) requests

The CIW and SFA are regularly approached by students, scholars, filmakers and others seeking to conduct research on or otherwise document Immokalee, the Campaign for Fair Food, farmworkers, and related topics.

Such projects, however, are often not the best use of the Immokalee organizing team's limited time, resources and energy. In addition, many in Immokalee have experienced being studied and observed and assisting research projects only to see their words misquoted or never seeing any of the results of this work. Please do your homework first (Immokalee and the movement have already been extensively researched and documented - read archived articles, browse through the CIW and SFA sites, and check out the resources on this page), and then consider contacting us for more information if necessary.

Unfortunately, at this time we can't guarantee that we will be able to assist you with your research or documentation project. Thanks.


PO Box 603, Immokalee, FL 34143 :: (239) 657-8311 :: organize (at) sfalliance.org