Bring Us to Campus!


There's nothing more powerful than hearing from farmworkers themselves. In our experience, nothing generates more excitement than having a CIW member visit campus to educate and inspire your campus community to get involved. There are many ways that we can make this happen. 

  1. Find out if your school (student government, academic departments, research centers, cultural and student centers, undergraduate grants) will sponsor the visit. Often, academic institutions have money available for honoraria, but guidelines differ, so make sure you research this early on! As students, we struggle enough to pay tuition – make sure you have a voice in how that money is being spent!

  2. Decide the vision for the event. We can adapt to class presentations, campus-wide presentations, student-organized actions, and other creative events you have in mind!

  3. Confirm the date with us.

  4. Contact us at to receive an honorarium how-to guide and finalize the visit!