The 2019 SFA Encuentro



Each year, students and youth from across the country gather for a weekend of creativity, strategizing, skill-building and reflection to strengthen the SFA network. From Sept. 26-29, we'll be continuing our decade-long tradition of empowering allies from every corner of the Fair Food Nation. 

At the Encuentro, participants build relationships with like-minded youth leaders, while interacting face-to-face with the Immokalee farmworker community in order to better understand how students and young people can work in solidarity with farmworkers in the fight for dignity, respect and justice in this country's food system. 

Apply for the #2019Encuentro today! Still have more questions? Drop us a line at! 



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Attending the encuentro

The 2019 SFA Encuentro begins on Thursday, Sept. 26 around 3 p.m. and wraps up Sunday, Sept. 29 at 4 p.m. If you're interested in attending the Encuentro, the first step is to fill out and submit the 2019 SFA Encuentro application

An SFA member will then reach out to you with more details and next steps. Regardless of prior involvement in the Campaign for Fair Food or organizing experience, our invitation goes to all who are interested in joining this vibrant network to submit an application. Each Encuentro is made up of a collection of brilliant people from across the country with different and intersecting identities, bringing varying levels of knowledge and experience into this space. We are committed to a vision of diverse leadership. We strongly encourage people of color, womyn, working-class, LGBTQIA+, gender non-conforming, and differently-abled people to submit applications.

It typically costs us $150 per person to hold a successful gathering. This includes transportation, materials, food, housing, and meeting space. This year's gathering will be held at a similar cost. Every participant is expected to pay for registration. However, we believe the Encuentro should be accessible to everyone. As SFA, we are committed to working with you to develop a fundraising plan to cover the cost of registration. 

Registration is set at $150. Our SFA team is available to talk with you about arranging a lower registration (minimum $75) if you are not able to afford the standard cost.

*Standard Registration: $150
*Solidarity Registration (to help cover the cost for another participant): $150-$200

Registration fees are paid once your application has been accepted. We will contact you with more information on how to submit payment. We do have limited funds available to provide scholarships for this gathering. 

Consider reaching out to your schools for support with registration fees. Universities and colleges typically set aside money for students for travel and registration fees for conferences such as the Encuentro.

*Until you have heard from our Encuentro planning team on the status of your application, please do not make any travel arrangements.*



Each year, SFA offers a limited amount of scholarships to aid Encuentro participants in funding their travel. We offer three scholarship options: full, partial and interim. We cannot guarantee scholarship funding, but we are committed to supporting your grassroots fundraising efforts by providing a guide to fundraising that has proven to be a successful tool for SFAers, as well as offer direct advice and one-on-one support from SFA staff (based in Immokalee) and SFA leadership members (across the country). We strongly encourage every applicant to take an active role in generating your own full or partial scholarship as a way to help reduce the cost of travel to the Encuentro. If there is an opportunity to give more than your share, please consider using the spare funds to give someone else the opportunity to attend.

If you anticipate needing a travel scholarship, please submit an Encuentro Scholarship Application after submitting your 2019 SFA Encuentro Application. 


A full scholarship covers the cost of travel and/or registration. This option is ideal for those individuals who otherwise would not be able to travel to Immokalee and participate in the Encuentro. This scholarship option is very limited. As per our commitments, applicants who identify as people of color, women, working-class, LGBTQ, gender non-conforming, and differently-abled will be prioritized.


A partial scholarship pays for up to half the amount of travel and/or half the cost of registration fee. This option is ideal for those individuals who need some extra support to cover some or half of their travel or registration cost. Additionally, this scholarship offers direct support from staff and SFA leadership to support applicant in building self-driven grassroots fundraising skills.


An interim scholarship can be offered in the form of a full or partial scholarship however, there is a shared understanding that the applicant will reimburse SFA the exact amount of the interim scholarship through a one time donation or consistent donations over an agreed upon time period (4-8 month payment plans). This option is ideal for those individuals who may need temporary financial support in order to attend the Encuentro but will be able to pay back the interim scholarship over several months.


Ways to support the Encuentro

Every year, the SFA network fully organizes the Encuentro through grassroots efforts, and it is not without a lot of hard work. There are many staggering costs that go into putting this gathering together, including providing participants with food, travel scholarships, transportation, housing, meeting spaces and materials for the entire weekend. We depend on the relationships we've built within our network, family, friends and co-workers to fund this important, dynamic weekend. Donate to SFA Encuentro via PayPal (


Encuentro programming

Programming begins on Thursday, Sept. 26 around 3 p.m. and wraps up Sunday, Sept. 29 at 4 p.m. Upon arrival, expect to engage in interactive workshops, in-depth trainings and campaign planning exercises. These sessions includes developing strategy around the Wendy's Boycott; learning helpful practices to organize actions, facilitate meetings and give campaign-related presentations; spending time with CIW farmworker staff in discussions about campaign history and solidarity; attending an action locally with the Immokalee community; and spending significant time with allies from our network as we strategize effectively demand fair labor standards in corporate supply chains!