Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with farmworkers who are leading – and winning – their own struggle for systemic change.


VISIT immokalee

We've been coordinating visits to Immokalee – the epicenter of the CIW’s Campaign for Fair Food – for over a decade. We’re ready to work with your group for a transformational experience!

campus Visits

In our experience, nothing generates more excitement than having a farmworker visit campus to educate and inspire your campus community to become part of the Fair Food Nation!


Ready to start organizing for farmworker justice on campus and in your community? Here are some useful resources and materials to help you kick off your student campaign!

Build Leadership

SFA Chapters

Dozens of SFA chapters have formed on campuses across the country, leveraging their student power in an effort to stand with farmworkers in their struggle to win human rights. We’re ready to support you in starting the next SFA chapter!

Leadership positions


Fair Food Groups


Take Action

Wendy's Campaign

20Take Action_Btb.jpg

Recalling one of the first major moments of student/farmworker allyship in the Campaign for Fair Food, we've launched the student-led campaign "Boot the Braids," in an effort to end our universities' complicity in Wendy's disregard for human rights! Find out how to get involved with the #BootTheBraids campaign!

Publix Campaign


Florida-based Publix - one of the most profitable supermarket corporations in the country, whose purchasing power could strengthen the historic changes underway in Florida's fields - has instead staunchly refused to join the Fair food Program for more than five years. Join us in telling Publix to "Do the Right Thing!"