Visit SFA and CIW in Immokalee!

immersion vists

Want to spend your academic break learning about and supporting the transformation sweeping Florida’s agriculture industry? Come visit us in Immokalee! 

Each year, dozens of students and youth groups from across the nation make their way to Immokalee during their spring, winter and summer breaks to dive deep into the culture and undertaking of the birthplace of one of the most successful worker-led movements of our generation!  

These alternative break trips – ranging from a couple of hours to several days – provide students with an incredible opportunity to learn more about life in Immokalee, the groundbreaking work of the CIW, and the critical role students and consumers play in the struggle for human rights in our country’s food industry.  

With over 10 years of experience coordinating immersion trips, SFA is well-equipped to arrange an alternative break visit for your group!

Is your group ready to visit one of the most historic farmworker movements?