Meet the 2018 SFA Steering Committee!


alex hoey

The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH

Alex Hoey (they/them) was raised in Columbus, Ohio where they now attend school at Ohio State University.  They are working toward a bachelor of arts in Geography, studying how existing power structures in the world affect the way people interact with society and the environment.  Alex became involved in the fight for Fair Food in early 2017, and has been pressuring OSU to kick Wendy’s off campus ever since. In their free time, Alex likes to be outside, dance, snuggle with their cat, make art, and spend time with loved ones.  They are extremely passionate about food justice, relentlessly inspired by the CIW and the Fair Food network, and are so honored and excited to be a part of the 2018 Steering Committee!

Ben o'hara

Georgetown University
Washington, DC

Benjamin O’Hara (he/him) is a freshman in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and was born and raised in Washington, D.C. His passion for social justice and immigrant rights led him to become involved with the SFA in his senior year of high school. He went with the DC Fair Food in spring of 2017 to attend the CIW's major action in Columbus, OH. Benjamin hopes to become a labor organizer in the future. In his free time he is a huge fan of Juventus F.C. and is an avid cook. He is excited to be part of the Steering Committee this year.

Bianca olivares

Durham, NC

Bianca Olivares (she/her) was born and raised in Wilson, NC and graduated from NC State University in 2017 with a Bachelors in Social Work. While pursuing her degree, Bianca interned at Student Action with Farmworkers as an Advocacy Intern, where she was first exposed to the CIW and SFA's presence and push for justice in the farmworker movement. Today, Bianca is working full-time at Student Action with Farmworkers and is very eager to continue working with the CIW and SFA to bring  Fair Food everywhere!

Charlotte pate

Nashville, TN

Charlotte Pate (she/her) was urged by a coworker two springs ago to hop on a bus from Nashville to Florida for the 2015 Concert for Fair Food, forgetting her hat and knowing very little about the CIW and its power. During that over 24 hours of travel, art and song-filled parade, and concert, so many people around her took the time to talk to her about the CIW, the fierce history of the Coalition, and the Fair Food Program. It was clear to her (and everyone else!) just how effective the CIW's strategy is and how it is a cornerstone of the movement of worker power. Charlotte has lived her whole life on highway I-40 bouncing between North Carolina towns and Nashville, her first and current home. In Nashville, she raises her voice and takes action with the incredible people of Nashville Fair Food and members of Dignidad Obrera in calling on Wendy's and Publix to sign the Fair Food Agreement. She likes butter and bad jokes, and is thrilled to to be part of the SC this year.

lauren kim

Yale University
New Haven, CT

Lauren Kim (she/her)  was born and raised in Southern California and is now a sophomore at Yale studying Environmental Studies and Ethnicity, Race & Migration. She was introduced to the work of the CIW through a class and attended the 2018 Encuentro at Ohio State. She was inspired by farmworker-led movements and started organizing the Yale, New Haven, and broader Connecticut communities for the CIW's Freedom Fast in New York City. She loves working at the Yale Farm, taking naps, and listening to podcasts about Asian-American politics and identity. She is excited to organize with the SFA and CIW to fight for food justice.

natalia naranjo

Philadelphia, PA

Natalia Naranjo (she/her) graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in the spring of 2017 with a bachelor's degree in Sociology with minors  in Women and Gender Studies, and Political Science. This is where she found her passion working with social justice organizations, alongside other women of color, folks in the LGBTQ+ community, and international students, she worked towards change within her communities. After graduation she interned with the Alliance for Fair Food in Immokalee, during the fall of 2017. This was her first time organizing with the CIW, where she found a passion working with the farmworker community in Southwest Florida. Natalia spends most of her free time with friends and family, going out dancing, and binge watching way too many TV shows.

Paris razor

Barry University
Miami, FL

Paris Razor (she/her) was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is a proud South Florida native! She is a junior at Barry University (Class of 2019) where she studies English with a specialization in professional writing and literature. After watching the documentary “Food Chains” in her theology course, she was inspired to join her university’s Center for Community Service Initiatives in the farmworker justice movement. She enjoys reading and writing, hanging out with friends, and binge-watching movies. Paris believes that anyone can make a difference and is excited to do her part in the 2018 SFA Steering Committee!

Rachael birri

The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH

Rachael Birri (she/her) is the treasurer of the SFA at OSU, a student studying environmental sciences, and a budding Soil Microbiology researcher. She has been working with the CIW and SFA over the past year and a half, participating in the week-long Fast for Farmworker Justice at OSU and beyond. In her spare time she reads anything she can get her hands on and is involved with the Student Growing Collaborative at OSU as well as the Columbus Food Justice Collaborative. Rachael also likes to sing loudly in her room, much to the dismay of her neighbors.

sara policastro

Washington, DC

Sara Policastro (they/them) grew up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, surrounded on every side by farm land. They first learned about the CIW from others in the sustainable farming community where they now work in Washington, DC. Inspired by a worker-led movement intertwined with the larger struggles of the agricultural industry that they call home, Sara joined a DC Fair Food potluck at Meridian Hill Park in the summer of 2017. Energized by the sense of community, solidarity, and warmth that powers the Boycott Wendy’s campaign, they jumped in to organizing for the first time and haven’t left since! Their true loves often come in the form of writing bad poetry, daydreaming about queer and trans liberation, and of course, winning the Wendy’s and Publix campaigns alongside other members of the 2018 Steering Committee.

tali ginsburg

Brown University
Providence, RI

Tali Ginsburg (they/them) has spent most of their life in the Midwest and Chicago, but is currently in their last year at  Brown University in Providence, RI. Tali spends their time thinking about identity and power, particularly as they relate to the environment, reproductive justice, and mental health. They have organized in the past around food justice and prison abolition, but fell in love with labor solidarity work through their time at New York Union Semester last year. Tali also loves to write, sing, cook, stitch, and drink endless amounts of tea. They are so excited to learn, work, and build community with the SFA and the CIW in 2018!

Ximena Pedroza

New College of Florida
Sarasota, FL

Ximena Pedroza (she/her) was born in Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico and moved to Sarasota, Florida at the age of 7. Currently in her third year at New College of Florida with an area of concentration in ‘Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies’. Has focused on organizing around sexual violence, gender equity, and immigration reform. She has been working alongside the Student/Farmworker Alliance for the past two years, participating in the week-long rolling fast at New College of Florida. Ximena enjoys dancing reading about civil disobedience and social movements. She also loves writing poetry and going on impromptu adventures. Ximena is thrilled to be a part of the SFA Steering Committee this year and is excited to learn not just from the CIW but from her peers that are also dedicated to this greater fight.