Meet the 2017 Steering Committee!


Amanda Ferguson (22) was born and raised in the state of Ohio and is of Filipino heritage. She lives in the Columbus area where she will continue to organize at Ohio State and within the outer community with Ohio Fair Food to put the heat on Wendy’s right in their hometown. After learning about the Campaign for Fair Food, Amanda attended the 2014 Encuentro and was committed ever since. She has always been involved with activism on various levels with queer and environmental issues, but this campaign specifically struck a specific cord with her agricultural background. Amanda would like to conduct work that helps create a more sustainable food system that ensures the needs of all involved within that system, both consumers and producers. She is inspired by the amazing people she has met within this movement, and impassioned to continue building, working and learning with them for collective liberation. She is honored to be a part of the 2016 Steering Committee.

Anna hankins

Anna Hankins grew up in central Massachusetts and graduated from UMass Amherst in spring of 2016. While at school Anna organized with SFA, the Real Food Challenge, and worked closely with the Pioneer Valley Workers Center. She first got involved with the Campaign for Fair Food in 2013 when she attended a march on Wendy’s. Anna is currently bouncing between living in Iowa and being back home in Massachusetts. In Iowa she lives and works on Sundog Farm and in MA works on her favorite dairy farm in the whole world and stays closely connected to student and workers organizing happening at UMass. Anna is so excited to be on the Steering Committee and to stand with the CIW as they WIN Wendy’s campaign.

Anna hansen

Anna Hansen was born and raised outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated with her bachelors of arts from Duquesne University where she served on the Fair Food Committee for two years. Currently, Anna is pursuing a Masters in Public Policy degree at the University of Michigan. After she moved to Ann Arbor early in early 2016, she became involved with the Ann Arbor Solidarity with Farmworkers Collective (A2FSC) and is trying to Boot the Braids off U of M’s campus. Anna enjoys playing intramural sports, traveling to new places, and eating pickles. Anna is so excited to be on the Steering Committee and can’t wait to continue promoting the CIW and Fair Food!

Brian elizalde

Brian Elizalde is a second-year student at Brown University where he intends to study Development and Ethnic Studies. He heard about the CIW and SFA through the Student Labor Alliance chapter in his school. After attending his first encuentro, his admiration for the commitment, love, and respect in the space motivated him to be involved with Steering Committee. He is passionate about immigrant social movements,  cultural labor, artivism, indigenous sovereignty, abuelita knowledge, and rice and beans.

Charlotte pate

Charlotte Pate was urged by a coworker two springs ago to hop on a bus from Nashville to Florida for the 2015 Concert for Fair Food, forgetting her hat and knowing very little about the CIW and its power. During that over 24 hours of travel, art and song-filled parade, and concert, so many people around her took the time to talk to her about the CIW, the fierce history of the Coalition, and the Fair Food Program. It was clear to her (and everyone else!) just how effective the CIW's strategy is and how it is a cornerstone of the movement of worker power. Charlotte has lived her whole life on highway I-40 bouncing between North Carolina towns and Nashville, her first and current home. In Nashville, she raises her voice and takes action with the incredible people of Nashville Fair Food and members of Dignidad Obrera in calling on Wendy's and Publix to sign the Fair Food Agreement. She likes butter and bad jokes, and is thrilled to to be part of the SC this year.

Kim daley

Kim Daley was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She attended Duquesne University and graduated in 2012. Currently, she is a cat mom working on a PhD in physical chemistry. At Duquesne, she became involved with the Campaign for Fair Food through Campus Ministry in 2011. In Ann Arbor, she is trying to Boot the Braids off the U of M campus, organizes with Ann Arbor Solidarity with Farmworkers Collective, and is organizing with the grad student union. Kim likes traveling, running marathons, playing board games, everything science fiction, and learning about science policy. She is honored to serve on the 2017 SC.


Pamela Escalante was born in Monterrey, Mexico and has grown up in the Midwest. She is a senior in college (class of 2017), studying International Politics and International Law, where she was introduced to the CIW by fellow SFAers  in the spring of 2014. If you ask Pam, she will proudly tell you that her introduction to and involvement with the SFA and CIW have been pivotal experiences that have since shaped both her sense of identity and life goals. Working with the SFA has challenged her to think more critically about social justice and how to create systematic change. The greatest lesson that Pam has taken from the SFA, and one that she hopes to spread to others both in the SFA and outside of it, is the lesson of allyship: what it means to be at the forefront of a movement, a part of its momentum, and the grey area between the two. Pam is passionate about the intersectional analysis of social justice, particularly within the farmworker movement, and thinks that it is truly important for people to be unafraid to think about issues of social justice outside of the SFA. She is incredibly excited and honored to be a part of the SC, and looks forward to learning, being challenged and growing as a member of the movement. Pam is devoted to living out the lessons of the SFA and CIW, and applying them to other social justice movements. Outside of the SFA and CIW, Pam loves to read radical works by women of color, and aspires to one day co-author an anthology of queer women of color.

Paris razor

Paris Razor was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is a proud South Floridian native! She is a sophomore at Barry University (Class of 2019) where she studies English with a specialization in professional writing and literature while also minoring in Spanish. After watching the documentary “Food Chains” in her theology course, she was inspired to join her university’s Center for Community Service Initiatives to work hands on in the farmworker justice movement. She enjoys reading and writing, hanging out with friends, and binge-watching movies. Paris believes that anyone can make a difference and is excited to do her part in the 2017 SFA steering committee!

patricia murphy

Patricia Murphy was born and raised in Massachusetts where she is currently finishing her final semester at UMass Amherst studying natural resource conservation and journalism. Living in the Valley has been a relentless inspiration for community organizing and was where she first heard about the CIW and the SFA. Having a love for food and community, she has been involved other food justice organizations before heading to St. Petersburg for the Concert for Fair Food in 2015, which is when she saw the importance and beauty of being part of community and  worker-led movements. Her proudest accomplishment in life (besides being on the SC!) was adopting a loving bearded-dragon named Frida. She is honored to be working alongside fellow Steering Committee members this year.

Presler maxius

Presler Maxius was born and raised in Gonaives, Haiti, and he identifies as Afro-Caribbean. He is in his senior year at Barry University doing a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a minor in Theater. Through his Fellowship with Barry’s Center for Community Service Initiative he has been partnering up with the SFA since the end of 2015. The skills he has learned from participating in the planning of actions against companies like Publix and Wendy’s have propelled him to start to work more with the SFA. He spends most of his free time playing FIFA on PlayStation, obsessing with the Premier League, and reading comedy books (not comic books). He is very excited to be a part of the Steering Committee this year, and he is looking forward to bring his best to the committee!

roger butterfield

Roger Butterfield (26) is a native of Florida who grew up in Tampa. He first heard about the CIW while attending school in Sarasota, and got involved with the SFA after attending the 2012 Encuentro in Immokalee. Having learned deeply from the legacy of the US labor movement and radical political struggles, the CIW’s organizing philosophy and hard-nosed approach to bringing together a largely transient population of dispossessed workers resonated with his values. He attributes much of his own political education and social outlook to having had the privilege to accompany the Coalition in its struggles. Roger currently attends Hillsborough Community College, where he is aspiring to become a Registered Nurse. In his spare time, he enjoys playing music (and dancing to it), riding his bike, cooking new kinds of food, and reading and writing about philosophy, religion, and political economy.

Victoria Gonçalves

Victoria Gonçalves was born in Caracas, Venezuela but grew up in Miami, FL. During a spring break trip to Immokalee, she was inspired and captivated by the CIW’s model for achieving farmworker justice. She is grateful to have been an intern in Immokalee during the summer of 2016, which lead her to have a deeper understanding of solidarity as she witnessed farmworker leadership every day. Victoria is currently a senior at the George Washington University, where she has been involved in the latinx and queer communities in addition to serving on the student government. When she’s not organizing students as a member of the Steering Committee or DC Fair Food, Victoria loves to read, write, doodle and cook food her friends!