National MEChA Votes to Adopt Wendy's Student Boycott; Wendy's Student Weekend of Action Announced for April 24-26

At their national conference in Chicago this past weekend, members of el Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Atzlan (M.E.Ch.A) voted to adopt the Wendy's student boycott! With a powerful statement of solidarity, hundreds of MEChistas across the nation committed to "no longer purchase from Wendy's establishments, pressure their educational institutions to terminate contracts with Wendy's, and [organize] fellow student peers to support the national student boycott of Wendy's." 

MEChA's announcement raises the bar on the student boycott declared at last month's Concert for Fair Food, as dozens of chapters from coast to coast are heeding the call, bringing the boycott to campus and ramping up pressure on the lone fast food holdout. 

As the MEChistas put it: 

"National MEChA has stood in solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and supported the Campaign for Fair Food since its beginning in 2001. As MEChistas we know far too well that the struggle of one is the struggle de nuestra comunidad entera. Across the country, MEChistas, our families and nuestra comunidad have toiled in the fields, often times for subpoverty wages and under exploitative conditions, to feed this country for far too many years without receiving the dignity and respect that we all deserve. Some of us have grown up in the fields, seen our families struggle to put food on our tables and a roof over our heads. We have seen how this country takes what it wants from our people, in return for nothing. We have seen how corporations continue to use nuestra comunidad as indispensible, cheap labor. That is why we are calling on all MEChistas, our chapters, and our educational institutions to boycott Wendy's!" (Read the entire statement here.)

And so, as the boycott continues building steam, SFA is calling for a national student weekend of action at Wendy's, April 24-26. Whether you have a Wendy's on campus or a Wendy's nearby, we want you to take action: Plan a picket, deliver a letter and be a part of the growing student movement to boycott Wendy's until the company joins the Fair Food Program!

Want to participate in the weekend of action? Drop us a line to for resrouces or to find out how!

See you in the streets!