Fair Food Nation to USF BoT: Publix can't set up shop on campus without committing to farmworker justice!

For over six years, thousands of farmworkers, students and youth throughout the Southeast, along with Fair Food allies across the country, have taken relentless action against Publix – sending letters, making calls, biking, fasting and marching to the company's doorstep – to demand justice for the tens of thousands of farmworkers who make their profits possible. However, the Florida-based grocer has stubbornly refused to make a commitment to human rights for farmworkers in its supply chain. 

In October, University of South Florida students and community members received word that plans are underway for the construction of a Publix store at the USF Tampa campus. After months of discussion and deliberation, the proposal of whether to grant Publix a property lease on campus comes to a vote before the USF Board of Trustees this Friday, January 15. Standing with farmworkers, USF students and members of Tampa Bay Fair Food are organizing locally and putting out the call to the rest of the Fair Food Nation to join them in sending a clear message to the USF Board of Trustees: Publix can't set up shop on our campus until they respect farmworkers' human rights! 

Join us on this call to action by signing and sharing this online letter that will be sent to the USF Board of Trustees and administrators.

As a university, USF strives to promote civic culture and build sustainable communities. Entering into business with Publix, a grocer that has shamefully and consciously turned its back on basic human rights for farmworkers for years, is inconsistent with USF's values as an institution that is accountable to the students and alumni that make up its stakeholders.

SFA has a decades-long history of breaking corporate resistance by bringing home the message that campuses are no place to do business without just labor practices for farmworkers. And with no exception for Publix, one of the largest private corporations in the country, SFAers have organized on their campuses and in their communities to stand up for justice, time and time again, until victory is won. 

Take part in this incredible moment of student solidarity with farmworkers by signing and sharing the letter to the USF Board of Trustees by Friday urging them to turn down Publix's proposal to build a supermarket on campus until they join the CIW's Fair Food Program. 

Use the hashtag #NoPublixAtUSF to follow along as the campaign takes off! 

¡En la lucha!

- the immokalee crew