Workers’ Voice Tour, March 2-12, to hype up Wendy’s student boycott!


Just in, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers have announced plans for the major spring action! From March 2-12, farmworkers will depart from Immokalee to tour the country in a cascade of powerful action with thousands of students, young people and community allies to demand that Wendy’s join the Fair Food Program and hear out and respect the voices of farmworkers in their supply chain. Sweeping from north to south, the 2016 Workers’ Voice Tour, La Voz del Trabajador: Gira 2016, will follow the decades-long CIW tradition of Truth Tours, spreading consciousness throughout the country in a driving effort to rally SFAers in the call for farmworker justice. 

For the past three years, Wendy's has simply made up excuses to justify its efforts to flee from its responsibility to farmworkers. Most recently, they have released their own Supplier Code of Conduct — but one that does nothing more than gently suggest to their suppliers that they should adhere to ideals that respect workers’ rights. Lacking enforcement mechanisms, Wendy’s code is absent of the crucial ingredient for transparent and verifiable change: the voice of workers.

However, in the past three years the number of corporations that have joined the Fair Food Program has reached 14 and in the words of CIW, "It's not a matter of if we'll win, but a matter of when.” Students and youth of the Fair Food Nation have been putting in work alongside farmworkers to make this win a reality, especially with the growing “Boot the Braids” campaigns at the Ohio State University, University of Louisville, the University of Florida and others, where SFAers have been holding up the fight to boot Wendy's off their campuses. 

Kicking off the tour in New York City, the CIW is planning for an action outside the offices of Wendy's Board Chairman and principal of Wendy's largest investor, in a giant action on March 3rd. The tour will then make its way to Wendy’s headquarter town of Columbus, Ohio, on March 6 for a major mobilization of Fair Food allies in the Buckeye State and from across the Northeast and Midwest at Ohio State University, where OSU SFAers first launched the national student boycott of Wendy’s. The tour will then head to Louisville, KY and Gainesville, FL, also major strongholds in the student boycott. The tour will culminate on March 12 with a powerful march of hundreds in Palm Beach, Florida, where Mr. Peltz has not one, but two winter estates. 

To join up with the Immokalee tour crew and organize your university, youth organization or community to do the same, contact us at organize (at) sfalliance (dot) org. And make sure to check out the announcement on the CIW site for more details!

Get ready to turn up for justice this March!