CALL TO ACTION: Break up with Wendy's during Valentine's Day Weekend, Feb. 12-14!


For over three years, thousands of farmworkers, students and young people across the country have given Wendy’s one too many chances to make it work by demanding that the fast food holdout do its part to strengthen and expand the never-before-seen rights farmworkers are protecting in the fields today. Last Valentine’s Day, the Fair Food Nation bombarded Wendy’s with Fair Food messages, making it known that Wendy’s flashy new image won’t work as a distraction to their inaction in taking responsibility for farmworker abuses in its supply chain. And since then, the Student/Farmworker Alliance declared a national student boycott of Wendy’s, and thousands have been fighting Wendy’s frosty heart for human rights with frozen wallets. 

And recently, Wendy’s released a glossy – and completely shallow – Supplier Code of Conduct, in an attempt to swoon customers and wash over real, verifiable Worker-driven Social Responsibility with a flimsy set of wishful thinking standards and no enforcement mechanisms in place to support them. And so, as the kickoff to the CIW’s Workers’ Voice Tour nears, SFA is once again reminding Wendy’s that students are done with its square burgers, frostys and empty promises until they join the Fair Food Program! 

This Valentine’s Day Weekend, take action alongside Fair Food allies from coast to coast by submitting short videos to Wendy’s on social media! Be sure to include your name, where you’re joining from and why you’re breaking up with Wendy’s this V-Day. Upload your 30-second video to Facebook or Instagram, or send it over to Don’t forget to tag @Wendys and @sfalliance! 

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend of Action!