WENDY'S VIDEO ACTION: Boycott the Fast Food Grinch!

This fall, the Fair Food Nation lit up with Wendy's Boycott actions as the CIW's Behind the Braids mobilization traversed over 25 cities across the country from Miami to Columbus to Austin. But the action is far from over....

Wendy's disdain towards the demand for Fair Food in their supply chain has shown through over the years – and it's just getting worse.  Wendy's has consciously and shamefully isolated themselves from the human rights transformations taking place in U.S. agriculture, as every single one of their top competitors is already participating in the Fair Food Program. Going so far out of their way to undermine this new reality for farmworkers in East Coast tomato fields, Wendy's decided to shift its purchases to one of the darkest corners of agriculture in comparison to Fair Food Program farms. 

So, the SFA network is officially branding Wendy's as the "Fast Food Grinch" of the year – and we're putting out the call for students and youth to let the hamburger giant know they won't get away with stealing farmworkers' fundamental human rights!

This Friday, take action by submitting short videos to Wendy's on social media! Be sure to include your name, where you're joining from and why you're boycotting the Fast Food Grinch. Upload your 30-second video to Facebook or Instagram – or send it over to organize@sfalliance.org. Don't forget to tag @Wendys and use #FastFoodGrinch and #BoycottWendys. If you need some more inspiration as you're getting your video ready for this Friday, check out these Wendy's Boycott resources.

As students and young people across the country join thousands in tarnishing Wendy's image with the boycott, Wendy's will realize that their stubborn resistance to joining the Fair Food Program is worthless. Farmworkers and their allies won't let go of the sharp belief that the responsibility for ensuring human rights and fair wages for farmworkers must be shared by the multibillion dollar companies that most profit from their labor. This national boycott will only end with Wendy's having a change of heart, just as the Grinch did, and joining farmworkers at the table. 

No matter what year-end tradition we celebrate, this season is a time for us to reflect on the commitment – and love – that drives the Campaign for Fair Food. This Friday, let’s remind Wendy’s of the true meaning of commitment, which goes way beyond being "quite happy with the quality and taste of the tomatoes" we consume. SFA’s commitment to the CIW's fight for Fair Food is deeply rooted in student/farmworker solidarity, tirelessly struggling alongside farmworkers to demand justice, dignity and respect in the fields. And no corporation – not even one as greedy as Wendy’s – will steal that away from us.