VIDEO REPORT: Scores of SFAers break up with Wendy's on Valentine's Day Weekend!

The videos are in – and it isn't looking too cute for Wendy’s! The lone fast food holdout was left rather, well, lonely, this Valentine's Day Weekend, as dozens upon dozens of videos came rolling through the interwebs, relaying one heartfelt message to Wendy's: "Until you join the Fair Food Program, it's over!" 

For over three years, thousands of farmworkers, students, young people and communities have demanded that Wendy's make a true and verifiable commitment to respecting the dignity of farmworkers in their supply chain. And time and time again, Wendy's has only trampled upon and rejected those demands by neglecting its responsibility to human rights.  

As if that weren't enough, the fast food restaurant abandoned the Florida tomato industry last year, consciously choosing to do business outside of the Fair Food Program, and in turn, continuing to profit from farmworker poverty and exploitation. And now Wendy's is trying to lead on consumers to believing their products are produced under ethical human rights practices with the release of their aspirational Supplier Code of Conduct

And so, this V-Day Weekend, the Fair Food Nation decided enough is enough and staged a massive online breakup action from Immokalee to New York to Denver and even Puerto Rico – and it was all caught on tape! Students across the country voiced their break up with Wendy’s loud and proud, ditching its products, until they join the Fair Food Program. Check out the must-see round up of some of the finest – and funniest – clips:



BALTIMORE, MD – Real Food Challenge


COLUMBUS, OH – Ohio State University Student/Farmworker Alliance


LAKELAND, FL – Southeastern University


ORLANDO, FL – Youth & Young Adult Network of National Farmworker Ministry


WASHINGTON, DC – Georgetown University


GAINESVILLE, FL – CHISPAS at University of Florida






Pittsburgh, PA – Duquense University


And to cap off the video madness, honorary CIW Member Chuey expresses his disappointment with Wendy's with a painful but stern, "Don't even look at me...." 


These public breakup videos are just another rung on the ladder of SFA's national student boycott against Wendy's, which is set to reach new heights as thousands of students and young people across the country gear up to take action alongside farmworkers during the upcoming Workers' Voice Tour. Register to join the Immokalee caravan along the way, stay up-to-date on the schedule over at the tour site, or hit us up at to hop on a caravan to Columbus or Palm Beach. 

See you on tour, Wendy’s!