TAKE ACTION: April declared “Month of Outrage” in national Wendy’s Boycott!

Just a few weeks following the whirlwind 10-day Workers’ Voice Tour, the Wendy’s Boycott – the second-ever boycott declared in the 15-year history of the CIW’s Campaign for Fair Food – is in full swing! To keep building pressure on the final fast food holdout, the CIW is inviting students and young people across the country to participate in the Wendy’s Boycott “Month of Outrage” this April!

Already, since SFA’s declaration of a national student boycott against Wendy’s in March 2015, thousands of students have banded together to let the fast food giant and its resisting leadership know that the longer they stall on joining the Fair Food Program – because we know it’s only a matter of time until this boycott brings them to the table – the harder it will get to appeal to their most valued consumer market. 

This April, join us in responding to CIW’s call for a Wendy’s Boycott “Month of Outrage,” expressing our collective anger and disappointment at Wendy’s continued disregard for the human rights of the workers that pick the produce that make their profits possible.  

Here are some of the many ways you can add your voice to the upcoming Month of Action: 

  • March or picket at your local Wendy’s
  • Deliver a letter signed by your community to the local Wendy’s manager
  • Write an op-ed in your local paper
  • Organize a group call-in to the office of Wendy’s Board Chairman Nelson Peltz’s
  • Run a boycott pledge drive on campus (and document it with photos!)
  • Host a vigil at a local Wendy’s

Click here to download our boycott creative action guide for ideas and pointers on putting together your very own action! 

The "Month of Outrage" is fueled by the complete disrespect Wendy’s has shown towards not only farmworkers and their allies, but also towards their very own Florida tomato suppliers. That shameful disrespect is encapsulated in the following principal reasons for this monumental boycott: 

  1. Wendy’s abandoned the Florida tomato industry after the implementation of the Fair Food Program and shifted its purchases to Mexico, where human rights violations are endemic and go effectively unchecked;
  2. Wendy’s has chosen public relations over human rights by releasing an empty code of conduct with no real teeth in response to the Fair Food Program’s award-winning, enforcement focused, worker-led approach to social responsibility; and
  3. Wendy’s is profiting from farmworker poverty by holding out while all its major competitors joined the Fair Food Program years ago. 

As the CIW detailed on its website, it’s this first reason that sets Wendy’s apart from the 14 major food retailers that have joined the Program, and made the declaration of a boycott all but inevitable. How else to respond to a company that runs away from the most widely-respected human rights program in agriculture today into the arms of an industry in Mexico where child labor, sexual abuse and forced labor are prevalent and widely documented?

And just following the tour’s conclusion, the release of an explosive new article in Harper’s Magazine continues to add even more fuel to the fire of the Wendy’s Boycott. It critically reveals that the Kaliroy Corporation — the very same Mexican tomato producer that was the subject of a scathing exposé by the LA Times detailing the enslavement of hundreds of Mexican workers in nightmarish working conditions — is in fact one of Wendy’s suppliers.

Join the Wendy's Boycott and take action this month in solidarity with farmworkers! And if you’re in Southwest Florida, you can join farmworkers from Immokalee in kickstarting the “Month of Outrage” this Sunday at 1 p.m. at Wendy’s (4114 Tamiami Trail N.) in Naples!

Ready to turn up the heat on Wendy’s in your community?  Write us at organize (at) sfalliance.org to share your boycott action plans and reportbacks – and stay tuned to read all about the exciting actions the Fair Food Nation puts on this month!