CALL TO ACTION: Give Wendy's headquarters a buzz on May 25 ahead of boycott action at annual shareholder meeting!

With commitment for the national boycott of Wendy’s growing day by day and Wendy’s annual shareholder meeting right around the corner this Thursday, May 26, farmworkers of the CIW and youth across the country are preparing to be present both inside and outside the meeting at Wendy’s headquarters in Dublin, OH, to take the boycott message directly to Wendy’s executives and shareholders.

And for those who can’t be present (and for those who can, too!), the CIW is putting the call out to the Fair Food Nation to give Wendy's a buzz to their headquarters on May 25, demanding that incoming CEO Todd Penegor bring the fast food holdout to commit to the Fair Food Program unless they’d rather choose to see an ever-growing boycott gain unstoppable strength.

Here's the call-in number and sample script: 

Call-in number: (614)-764-3327*This number will take you to Bob Bertini, Wendy's head of communications who must pass these messages to CEO Todd Penegor*

Hi, my name is ____, and I would like to leave a message for Todd Penegor. 

As Wendy’s prepares for its annual meeting of shareholders and Todd Penegor transitions into his role as CEO, Wendy’s shareholders and executives should know that I am boycotting Wendy’s until the fast food chain agrees to join the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Fair Food Program. It is unacceptable that Wendy’s has not only refused to be part of a proven solution to farmworker abuse and poverty, but has also moved its purchasing away from the Fair Food Program and to a farm where slavery was found in 2013 — so as Emil Brolick retires, I’m joining thousands of farmworkers and consumers in refusing to eat at Wendy’s until they respect farmworkers’ rights.

Thank you for relaying this message.

Since the announcement of the boycott just two short months ago, organizations and individuals representing millions have pledged to join the boycott. And Wendy’s finds themselves caught red-handed in their own lies: If Wendy’s cares about their supply chain — as they claim in their recent “All-American” ads and empty Supplier Code of Conduct — then why are they purchasing from a farm where slavery was discovered in 2013?

On May 26, farmworkers and allies get the chance to share our message with Wendy’s executives and shareholders face to face. Together, we will meet Wendy’s gross rejection of the Fair Food Program with the strength of workers uniting with students, youth, and so many more, boycotting the fast food giant until they respect farmworkers’ rights. SFAers everywhere, will you commit to a national call-in day on May 25? For those in Ohio — or those able to make the trip from nearby cities — will you join us outside of Wendy's Headquarters on May 26? 

For those ready to make the urgent call this Wednesday, make sure to fill out the form below to report back on your experience. 

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Who did you speak with during your call? What was your experience speaking with this person? Any noteworthy information?

If you’re traveling to the action, email us at for information about carpools leaving from Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor, Nashville, Louisville, Cleveland and about housing on the night of May 25.

As always, ¡estamos en la lucha!