Chip in a little (or a lot!) to support this year’s Boycott Summit in Immokalee!

We’re only two short months away from the 2016 Wendy’s Boycott Summit, a long weekend of working alongside the CIW to develop creative strategy to advance the Wendy’s Boycott and strengthen all that we’ve fought for and won together. (If you haven’t already, apply to participate in this year’s Summit!)

SFA is dedicated to providing transformative opportunities to SFAers committed to this vibrant, diverse network and organizing in the Campaign for Fair Food. As part of our commitment, we're fundraising to offset the staggering costs of hosting the Boycott Summit. 

We’re calling on folks across the Fair Food Nation to help us raise funds to make this year’s unique gathering a success!

Our goal is to raise $3,000 to offset some of the Boycott Summit’s many costs. Your donation will go a long way in supporting folks traveling hundreds of miles to join us in Immokalee; contributing to food, housing and meeting space needs for over 100 allies; pitching in for printed materials and resources; and more. Every contribution will help us strengthen and grow the movement for Fair Food and bring us one step closer to victory in the Wendy's Boycott. 

So head over to our online YouCaring fundraiser and make your donation today! Don’t forget to share the fundraiser with your family, friends and community to help us quickly reach our goal and make this year’s Summit one for the books!