SIGN & SHARE: CIW launches Wendy’s Boycott petition on!

The national Wendy's Boycott is about to go viral! With over 100 million petition starters and supporters in more than 196 countries, is the prime platform for CIW to launch a far-reaching petition calling on SFAers to stand with farmworkers in boycotting the final fast food holdout until they join the Fair Food Program.

Sign the petition – and then share it far and wide!

It’s been almost six months since the Wendy’s Boycott took off during the Workers’ Voice Tour in March – and though thousands upon thousands of allies have since then protested, marched, phoned, emailed, organized, and pledged to boycott Wendy’s until the fast food giant commits to respecting human rights for farmworkers, the corporation continues to ignore the growing calls for justice.

But with a brand-new petition live on one of the most successful online campaign sites in the country and a fresh season full of student, worker and community organizing – starting with the Wendy’s Boycott Summit in Immokalee in late September – kicking off, the Fair Food Nation is ready to ramp up the pressure on Wendy’s!

So head over to to be among the first to add your name to the boycott petition!

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Stand with @ciw in boycotting @Wendys until they agree to protect the human rights of farmworkers! #BoycottWendys

.@Wendys: If you want our business, you must join @FairFoodProgram! #BoycottWendys