Farmworker women and students hit up OSU and Wendy’s in the same day, demanding an immediate end to the epidemic of sexual violence in the fields!


OSU students: We are here today calling on Wendy’s to witness this ongoing struggle and take a stand against sexual violence….Despite years of students and community members demanding that Wendy’s be kicked off campus, OSU quietly and cowardly renewed their contract with Wendy’s after students had left for the summer. As students and farmworkers cry “Me too,” Wendy’s and OSU respond: “Too bad.”

After a weekend of education and reflection in Wendy’s hometown, students and community allies in Columbus, OH, joined members of the CIW for not one, but two, powerful actions calling for a halt to sexual violence in Wendy's supply chain — first at the heart of the national Boot the Braids Campaign at The Ohio State University and the second outside of the Wendy’s Headquarters in Dublin! 

Early on Monday morning, CIW members, led by the fearless Women’s Group, headed to the President’s office at OSU for a special early morning delegation. Over the course of the years, students and CIW members have held various delegations to President Drake’s office, each demanding that the University cut ties with Wendy’s until the company joins the Fair Food Program, the only real and enforceable solution to farmworker abuse in the company's supply chain. Yet, this particular visit was like none before. 

Joined by several of the 19 OSU students and alumni who fasted for seven days in support of the Boot the Braids Campaign last spring, CIW members funneled, one by one, into the President’s office. The Women’s Group members carried a beautiful quilt composed of patches stitched together by Immokalee farmworkers, detailing experiences with sexual harassment and violence in the fields, their thoughts on the extraordinary transformation brought about by the Fair Food Program, and their firm belief that Wendy’s will one day join them in the struggle to build a more dignified agricultural industry…

Head over the CIW site to read the full report on the Women’s Group delegation to OSU President Drake’s office and the powerful action outside of Wendy’s headquarters!