SFA’s leadership convenes in Immokalee and rolls out student escalation in the Wendy’s Boycott! 

Two weeks ago, members of SFA’s new leadership made their way to Immokalee for the annual Steering Committee (SC) Face-to-Face meeting. Seven new members joined five returning SCers for three intensive days of building strategy in the Wendy’s Boycott, connecting with members of the CIW and strengthening the reach of the SFA network in the year ahead.  

Ready to take on corporate exploitation in Wendy’s supply chain, the SC developed plans to bring contract-cutting campaigns at “Boot the Braids” campuses to victory — with a sharp focus on strongholds like The Ohio State University, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and University of Florida. 

The SC also spent the weekend zeroing in on mobilization plans for the CIW’s upcoming Return to Human Rights Tour and mapping out tactics to bring the Wendy’s Boycott more heavily into campuses and communities across the country. And, together with the CIW, SCers spent time crafting a vision for longterm solidarity among grassroots movements to fight exploitation and corporate greed in our country’s food system and beyond. Stay tuned as these plans unfold over the course of the spring semester! 

The steady stream of actions leading up to the major spring tour have already begun. Last week, hundreds of students, young people and community allies flooded the voicemail inbox of Wendy’s CEO Todd Penegor with promises to show up by the thousands to Wendy’s doorstep in March unless he finally brings the company to commit to joining the Fair Food Program. 

Up next, join SFAers in keeping up the pressure on Wendy’s top executive — this time, by mailing boycott-themed Valentine’s Day cards to Mr. Penegor’s corporate office! Resources to support you in planning your action are up on the Alliance for Fair Food site, including talking points, sample Valentines and more. 

And in case you missed it, check out how CIW expertly brand busted Wendy’s $5 million “Cold as Ice” Super Bowl commercial!

Long live student/worker power!