Donate by tomorrow to the Wendy’s Boycott Fund to double the impact of your contribution to SFA! 

We’re writing today with exciting news out of the SFA network. Steadfast ally of the Campaign for Fair Food in Denver, Rob McGoey, has announced his commitment to make a sizable contribution to the Wendy’s Boycott Fund by matching up to $1,000 for every dollar given to the campaign by the end of Friday.

Whether organizing creative actions with Denver Fair Food or making food magic happen during our annual Encuentros, Rob has supported the Campaign in countless ways over the years. And today, he’s calling on SFA friends across the country to join him in throwing down for the Wendy’s Boycott Fund. 

Check out his heartfelt reflection below — and make your donation go twice as far by donating today

I’m calling on my friends and compañer@s around the country to give today to the Wendy's Boycott Fund.  Every dollar people donate through the end of Friday, I will match up to $1,000.

Go here to donate: 

For years, the Campaign for Fair Food has been a beacon of light in dark times - a grassroots movement led by immigrant farmworkers, some of the poorest workers in the country, who showed us not just how to struggle but how to WIN!  At this moment which, to me, feels darker than ever, I want to support this movement because it stands as proof in the face of darkness that we are powerful and, working together, a more just world is in our grasp.

The Campaign for Fair Food has achieved over a dozen victories in the last 15+ years resulting in ground-breaking improvements in farmworkers' wages, working conditions and rights. And another victory is on the horizon.  The Alliance for Fair Food is trying to raise $25,000 during the month of May for the Wendy's Boycott Fund which will allow their financial resources to keep pace with the growing momentum of the Boycott.

If you donate today, your donation will go twice as far because I will match you dollar for dollar.  Many of us have marched together, picketed together, sang together and celebrated together; right now let's give together!