REPORT: Fair Food Nation packs the house at Wendy's 2017 shareholder meeting!

On Tuesday at Wendy's annual shareholder meeting in Dublin, OH, the CIW and allies from across the Midwest showed up in force to the fast food holdout's doorstep ready to confront the company about upholding human rights in the fields. As farmworkers and SFAers rallied outside Wendy's national headquarters a contingent of 27 allies prepared to confront Wendy's executives face to face about their refusal to join the Fair Food Program. After eleven members of the Fair Food delegation managed to speak in support of verifiable worker protections in Wendy’s supply chain, the delegation rose as one and flashed boycott logos for all to see. 

There is no doubt Wendy's is feeling the heat! As CEO Todd Penegor and the Board of Directors had to answer directly to Boot the Braids students from The Ohio State University, the University of Michigan, and the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, SFAers from Clarion University, Trevecca Nazarene University and Antioch College stood strong with CIW and community allies in protest.

Before heading into the shareholder meeting, Henry Anton Peller, one of the 19 OSU students who fasted for one week to kick Wendy's off their campus, spoke to the group's energy and commitment:

Are we ready to quit? [NO!]  Are we tired yet? [NO!]  Are we fired up? [YES!] Are we ready to win? [YES!]  ... that is the message I have to bring to Wendy’s today; that is, to remind them of the power we are building across the country and that is waiting for them at every turn, with every piece of PR they put out, we will demand they join the Fair Food Program...

For a play-by-play of what happened inside and outside the annual shareholder meeting, head over to the AFF website!