Announcing the 2017 SFA Encuentro: September 7-10 in Immokalee, FL!

We've had an incredible run, Fair Food Nation! In this relentless struggle to hold Wendy's accountable for the horrid abuses farmworkers face in its produce supply chain, it is now more urgent than ever to grow and strengthen the new, dignified reality of tens of thousands of workers protected by the CIW's Fair Food Program. This past spring, we've seen the most creative — and courageous! — methods of student organizing advance the Wendy's Boycott, epitomized with the 7-day fast to Boot the Braids from The Ohio State University by 19 students and alumni, and the roaring wave of rolling fasts that spread like wildfire over a dozen university campuses nationwide as a result. 

At this tipping point in the Wendy's Boycott, we're ready to bring it all home, right here in the beating heart of the CIW's struggle for dignity and justice in Immokalee, and invite the SFA network to join us in paving the path to victory at the 2017 Encuentro

This September 7-10, we're continuing the decade-long annual Encuentro tradition by bringing together brilliant young organizers from across the country to develop SFA's vision to continue fighting alongside the CIW in the Wendy's Boycott. At the Encuentro, we will build our organizing skills and leadership as a network, all the while learning from and deepening relationships with the farmworker community in Immokalee.

After an invigorating weekend-long strategy retreat in Washington, DC, last month, the SFA Steering Committee and staff are diving deep into planning for the 2017 Encuentro and finalizing details for an action-packed fall semester! 

Apply to join us this September in I-Town! If you still have questions about the Encuentro, check out all the details you need to know about our annual gathering. Drop us a line at or give us a ring at 239-657-8311 if you've got ideas or questions you'd like to share. 

See you at the #2017Encuentro!

Another exciting update: Smithsonian enshrines CIW's own Lady Liberty statue at the National Museum of American History!  

If you find yourself in Washington, DC, don't miss the CIW's spectacular Lady Liberty statue, once carried across Florida on the shoulders of farmworkers during the historic 234-mile march for Dignity, Dialogue and a Fair Wage, now on permanent display in the new exhibit "Many Voices, One Nation" at the National Museum of American History. This powerful march in 2000 was the spark that ignited the Student/Farmworker Alliance network, as hundreds of students from colleges across the state declared their solidarity with farmworkers  while marching, side by side, to end sweatshops in the fields!