Our Network Structure

As a national network of students and youth organizing in solidarity with farmworkers, our structure operates through five general bodies of support: the national network, working groups, steering committee, administrative committee, and Immokalee-based staff.


Our national network is made up of any students and/or young people who are actively organizing around the Campaign for Fair Food. It is a decentralized network, defined by the character and creativity of a multitude of communities and drawn together by our collective commitment to follow farmworker leadership. We build our network through education and action, and — in the spirit of CIW's "Consciousness + Commitment = Change" philosophy — we believe that both consciousness and commitment are a necessary part of a vibrant movement for justice. 


The Steering Committee (SC) is SFA's main organizing body, comprising a dynamic group of about fifteen youth leaders from around the country. SCers educate, organize, and mobilize support around the Campaign for Fair Food in their respective communities, regions and networks. They maintain regular communication with the staff and Administrative Committee, and work to build leadership within the national network. 


The Administrative Committee (AC) is made up of 2-5 former SFA staff, interns, and/or SCers. AC members help provide SFA with long-term organizational continuity and sustainability, particularly around fundraising and development. They support SFA in maintaining an emphasis on leadership development and ensure that SFAers throughout the network feel invested in the character and direction of our youth movement.


Living and working in Immokalee, the SFA national co-coordinators are responsible for the organization's day-to-day operations, maintaining daily communication with the CIW and regular contact with members of the national network and SFA leadership. Other staff responsibilities include: national campaign strategy coordination; fundraising and organizational development; communications and graphic design; educational co-presentations and workshops; national tour/mobilization logistics and outreach; and on-the-ground support for the farmworker community in Immokalee.


Working groups exist within the SFA network to help drive certain aspects of our work forward. Some working groups are temporary and are formed around specific needs such as campaign research or student-specific organizing. Working groups communicate via conference calls and listservs and are a point of access where anyone in the network can become more involved in shaping the direction of SFA. The Steering Committee and staff help coordinate working groups to ensure continuity with SFA's campaigns, needs, and processes. To get involved with a working group, contact us.