Patricia Elena Cipollitti

Patricia Elena Cipollitti (22) is originally from Venezuela. She has spent the last four years learning and growing as a student of philosophy and international political economy at Georgetown University. Pati first became involved with SFA while organizing with her university’s own student-worker alliance, the Georgetown Solidarity Committee. She then came to Immokalee in 2013, fell in love with the movement, and left forever marked by the unmistakable spirit of dignity, strength, and solidarity of the CIW. For her, SFA has so far been a space of challenge and renewal, of reflection and deeply nourishing friendships. In no small part due to her experience with SFA, Pati is firmly committed to visionary, honest, and unapologetically intersectional organizing. She is excited to continue her journey with SFA as a member of the 2015 SC to build power among farmworker allies for real and lasting change! When she isn’t reading up on revolution or pressuring her university to divest its endowment from oppression and injustice, she can be found expanding her vegan recipe repertoire — or just dreaming (and maybe sleeping while she’s at it).