Shelby Mack

Shelby Mack (23) grew up in Bristol, Rhode Island with her parents and two sisters.  She graduated from Barrington Christian Academy and Brown University, and now works at a café and as a regional field organizer with Real Food Challenge.  She was surfing the internet one day in 2012 and came across the CIW; via phone calls and emails, she was connected to the Brown Student Labor Alliance, a group organizing students in solidarity with workers.  She is so grateful to have spent the last two years learning about and participating in the self-reflective/critical, caring ally movement to the CIW’s farmworker-led struggle for justice, and in other wonderful life-giving movements for justice.  She is inspired by the creativity, bravery, commitment, humor and love of family, friends, co-workers and organizers past and present and future.  This year, she is excited to continue organizing with Providence Fair Food, building the strong relationships between RFC and SFA, and collectively creating the momentum that will cause Wendy's and Publix to join the Fair Food Program this year.  She loves eating, listening to music, exercising, learning, dancing, sleeping, and laughing.