Boot the Braids!

How to get involved

1. Take Action
A. Download a letter and deliver it to your local Wendy's manager!

B. Start a Wendy's Boot the Braids Campaign on your campus!

C. Find a local Wendy's action or contact us for resources on how to start your own!

2. Build Leadership

SFA Chapter 

Would you like to bring SFA to your campus? Start an SFA Chapter! Students and their university's  administrations have an important role in the food system. Students and youth are "market targets" for food corporations and universities are ideal institutions for consumption. Organizing an SFA chapter on your campus is a way to support the CIW's Campaign for Fair Food using the leverage you have as a student. It is also a form of making sure that year after year students are learning and taking action in the Campaign.

To start a chapter, research what club or group registration looks like on your campus. You don't need to start with a large group right away. In fact, a small base in the beginning is good for making sure that everyone is on the same page about what you would like your group to look like. Also, make sure to contact us at when you start this process! We are a national network that supports each other and there are plenty of folks ready to make sure your chapter is successful!

3. Education

1. Visit Immokalee
SFA has been coordinating alternative break and immersion programs in Immokalee for several years, and we'd love to work with your organization!

2. Bring us to Campus

There's nothing more powerful than hearing from the farmworkers themselves. And in our experience, nothing generates more excitement than having a member of the CIW visit campus to educate and inspire your campus community to get involved. There are many ways that we can make this happen. As we get this process started, it's helpful for us if you have an idea about whether or not your school will sponsor the trip, how much can be fundraised beforehand, if we are visiting for a particular event, and what you envision the visit will look like. We can adapt to class presentations, campus-wide presentations, student-organized actions, and other creative events you have in mind. Contact us at to plan a visit!

3. Check out more resources here


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